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Air Spade 2000 Arborist Kit

Air Spade 2000 air excavation tool ideal for:

  • Arboriculture / Horticulture, Aeration, locating roots for utility line installation, Radial trenching, Root collar excavation, Root damage investigation, Locating roots for pruning, Soil compaction reduction, Vertical mulching, Transplanting / bare rooting, Checking adequacy of root structure before pruning.
  • Utility / Construction, Utility locating and repair, Keyholing, Potholing for line location, Crack / joint and valve box cleaning, Roadwork.
  • Environmental Remediation, Uncover buried waste infrastructure without fear of puncture, Excavate tight places inaccessible to conventional excavation equipment, Removal of material in carefully controlled layers.

Requires 185 cfm Air Compressor and 1″ diameter air hose for proper operation.  All available from Radius Industrial Works.

Call for Pricing & availability:
604-971-1648 – North Vancouver