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Bandit Warranty

It’s one thing for a manufacturer to claim their equipment is reliable but only Bandit offers the GUTS five-year warranty for hand-fed and whole tree chippers.

What does the GUTS warranty cover?
Bandit Slide Box Feed System, including all Bandit fabricated components related to this system.
Bandit Disc/Drum Assembly, including all Bandit fabricated components related to the disc/drum.

How long does coverage last?
Hand-fed chippers: *Five years or 3,000 hours, whichever comes first.
Whole tree chippers: *Five years or 3,000 hours, whichever comes first.

What about the engine?
All engines are subject to warranty coverage provided by the engine manufacturer.

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Best Practices for Equipment Operation

This general overview applies to all Bandit Equipment. For specific procedures, always consult your equipment operator’s manual and start-up/operations and safety video.

• Personnel and bystander safety must always be the number one concern. Always wear all required personal protective equipment, per OSHA and your company’s requirement. Do not wear ragged, torn or loose clothing, large cuffed ‘gauntlet style’ gloves, jewelry or anything that could be easily snagged.
• Always make sure that all controls, shields, guards and safety devices are securely in place, in proper working condition and function smoothly prior to operation.
• Never operate or work on Bandit equipment while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Always keep a fully charged, operational fire extinguisher nearby.
• Never allow anyone near Bandit equipment while it is running. Any unauthorized personnel must be kept well away from the work zone at all times. Shut the machine down immediately if unauthorized persons or animals enter the work zone. Only adults should operate this equipment.
• The area around Bandit equipment must be free of any objects that could obstruct the operator’s movement. Remove branches, limbs, rocks, etc. from the work area that may cause a tripping hazard for operators or workers. The operator must be located within easy reach of all controls and shut-off devices, and be prepared to react to an emergency situation.
• Never allow material to discharge toward people, animals, vehicles or structures.
• Never operate Bandit equipment that is in need of repair.
• Never go near hydraulic leaks. High pressure oil can easily puncture skin, causing serious injury or death. Hot fluid under pressure can cause severe burns–never use fingers or skin to check for leaks.
• Always use wheel chocks to secure towable Bandit machinery. Hand-fed chippers should always be connected to a tow vehicle when in use.
• Never sit, stand, lay, climb or ride anywhere on Bandit equipment while it is running, operating or in transit.
• Under no circumstances should anyone attempt to open, leave open or close the hoods, doors or guards on equipment while components are turning, coasting to a stop or the engine is running. This negligent action can cause severe injury or death.