Radius Industrial can arrange financing on your purchase of new or used equipment at competitive rates.

We pride ourselves on providing flexible lease or financing programs that fit your budget.

  1. Lease payments can have potential tax benefits to reduce taxable income
  2. Help you acquire newer, faster and larger capacity machines that allow you to take on larger projects while paying for it with future profits
  3. Easy Application process and quick approvals up to $150,000. Over $150,000 available with more in-depth application process.
  4. Very flexible in terms, down payment, residual and structure. Giving you the ability to customize your lease payments to best meet your cash-flow.
  1. You are the owner of the equipment.
  2. A Loan can be paid out at any time subject to a (6) month interest charge.
  3. Loan shows up as an asset on your balance sheet so you can build up your overall assets

Lease to own options:

Standard term financing OAC                  Lease for 12 to 72 months with a $10 or 10% buyout

Deferred payment financing OAC            No payments for first 3 months after purchase

Seasonal payment financing OAC           Make only 9 payments over a 12 month period

Used Equipment Lease:

We can arrange competitive equipment leases on used equipment based upon the 10 year rule, which is that the age of the machine plus the financing term cannot exceed 10 years.  For example, a 5 year old machine can be financed to a maximum term of 5 years.  A 9 year old machine can only be financed for a 1 year term.

Set up your financing plan today.  Fill out the following forms:

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