20XP Track

The Bandit Intimidator® 20XP Track is great for companies seeking a cost-effective, all-terrain machine with the capabilities of a whole tree chipper, but in a smaller package that’s more maneuverable. Officially rated as a 20-inch capacity machine, this exceptionally versatile chipper actually features a large 24.5-inch by 26.25-inch throat opening to easily handle large whole trees. Bandit’s Slide Box Feed System has no problem pulling in and crushing the most stubborn forked limbs and dense hardwood, chipping material to fill trailers in roughly 45 minutes. It rides on a CAT 307C steel-track undercarriage.

Key Features and Options

Dual hydraulic feed wheel lift cylinders
Radio remote control /w tether backup
Reversing auto feed
Slide box feed system w/ dual horizontal feed wheels
Optional 270-degree hydraulic swivel discharge
Optional grapple loader
Optional 5.5’ infeed conveyor
Optional CAT 312B steel track undercarriage


Bandit Intimidator 20XP Track Drum Style Whole Tree Chipper

Additional Information (PDF Files)

Intimidator 20XP Brochure

Whole Tree Chippers Brochure