2290 Track

Popular for its great combination of size, production, all-terrain performance and price, the 20-inch capacity Model 2290 Track whole tree chipper is a favorite for chipping tops and brushy material, either in traditional logging operations or land clearing projects. Its 24.5-inch by 26.25-inch throat opening easily accepts large diameter, brushy material. Dual feed wheels in Bandit’s unique Slide Box Feed System provide the industry’s best pulling and crushing power, while aggressive chip throwing power fully loads trailers in approximately 35-40 minutes. It rides on a CAT 315L steel-track undercarriage.

Key Features and Options

Dual hydraulic feed wheel lift cylinders
Fixed or rotating discharge w/ chip deflector
Radio remote control /w tether backup
Reversing auto feed
Slide box feed system w/ dual horizontal feed wheels
Optional grapple loader
Optional operator cab w/ loader
Optional over-the-top discharge
Optional CAT 320L steel track undercarriage


Bandit 2290 Track Drum Style Whole Tree Chipper

Additional Information (PDF Files)

2290 Brochure

Whole Tree Chippers Brochure