3215 Electric Powered Two-Way Log Splitter

A cleaner and quieter option for splitting wood. Powered by a 120 Volt / 15 Amp high torque electric motor, the 3215 is an 18 ton log splitter with a quick cycle time!

The 3215 is modeled after Split-Fire’s popular 3255 bi-directional log splitter introduced to the rental market 30 years ago. Like all Split-Fire log splitters the 3215 features a unique 2-way splitting action from the knife which splits wood in both directions.

Rated for logs between 30″-36″ in diameter, the model 3215 features Split-Fire’s unique log stop design that prevents dangerous “fly-outs” when splitting knotted hardwoods.

It plugs into a regular household 120 volt wall outlet without the need for high amperage circuit breakers. It is a “green alternative” for customers who can now split wood indoors without the noise and emissions from a gas powered engine.