3455/3465 20 Ton Two-Way Log Splitter

The 3455 is Split-Fire’s preferred 4-way self-contained log splitter, which gained popularity in the rental industry for its low maintenance, high performance & reliability. this 20-ton 2-way log splitter is designed for consumer/commercial use. Powered by a Honda GX 160, the 3455 2-way wood splitter is capable of splitting up to 36” diameter logs with a complete 9-11 second cycle time. Fitted with a machined stud to the inner slide tube an interchangeable 4-way wedge and 2-way knife can be swapped in seconds.  For added power, the Honda engine can be upgraded to a GX 200 increasing the splitting capacity to 22 tons (3465).

A Hydraulic, steel plate log lifter can be fitted to the 3455 to assist in managing larger blocks of wood. While in the up position the log lifter also doubles as a work table, preventing wood from falling to the ground once split.


3455 Two-Way Log Splitter


  • Log Lifter
  • Extended Stroke (30”, 36” & 48”)
  • Motor Upgrade – Splitter
  • Turf Tow Package
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Ride Suspension
  • Pintle Hitch
  • Adjustable Drawbar
  • 24” Nose Extension
  • Swivel Jack
  • Big Wheel Kit (12” Tire Regular Bed Height)
  • 4” Lift 12” Tire
  • 8” Lift 13” Tire
  • Splitter Fender (8” Tire)
  • Splitter Fender (13” Tire)

Additional Information (PDF Files)

Product Brochure

Owners Manual