3590 Towable

The 30-inch capacity Model 3590 is a powerhouse for logging professionals seeking a high-production, low maintenance whole tree chipper. Featuring a 36-inch by 36-inch chipper throat opening and a powerful five-wheel feed system, the Model 3590 easily handles large material. This powerful chipper can fill a 45-foot trailer in approximately 15 minutes without using auxiliary chip accelerators, consistently outpacing other 30-inch capacity chippers while also burning less fuel per load. It’s available with a standard or micro chip drum, allowing companies to serve multiple chip markets with one machine.

Key Features and Options

Clean feed system
Dual hydraulic feed wheel lift cylinders
Radio remote control /w tether backup
Reversing auto feed
Slide Box Feed System w/ 5 feed wheels (3 horizontal, 2 vertical)
Stationary discharge with adjustable chip deflector
Optional grapple loader
Optional micro chip drum
Optional proportional feed system
Optional operator cab w/ loader
Optional fifth wheel hook up


Bandit 3590 Towable Drum Style Whole Tree Chipper

Additional Information (PDF Files)

Whole Tree Chippers Brochure

3590 Brochure