4680XP Towable

The Beast® Model 4680XP is a high-production, no-compromise horizontal grinder. With engine options up to 1,200 horsepower and a huge 45-inch by 60-inch mill opening, there isn’t another horizontal grinder on the market that can match the 4680XP’s level of production and performance. Whether turning large piles of waste wood into larger mulch piles, processing bulky chunk wood, cleaning up storm damage and debris after natural disasters or recycling shingles for hot-mix asphalt, the Model 4680XP is simply unstoppable.

Key Features and Options

2-speed folding discharge
Hydraulically activated screen that opens to reduce damage to the mill from debris
Numerous tooth/screen combinations
Radio remote control /w tether backup
Dust suppression system
Optional mulch coloring system
Optional proportional feed system
Optional Overband Magnet
Optional shingle grinding package
Magnetic head pulley


Bandit 4680XP Towable The Beast Horizontal Grinder

Additional Information (PDF Files)

4680XP Brochure

The Beast Horizontal Grinder Brochure

Beast Wear Parts Brochure