AirSpade 2000 Construction Kit – 105 CFM

Kit includes the most popular components and accessories utilized by utility and construction crews. Features the powerful AirSpade 2000 air-excavation tool equipped with patented supersonic nozzle for superior digging performance. Ideal for sensitive excavation work including utility locating and repair, key holing, potholing, and roadwork. Rugged, lightweight construction. Dead-man trigger ensures safe operation.


AirSpade 2000 handle with Chicago style connector
4 Ft. barrel with adjustable dirt shield
3 Ft. extension and coupler
45 degree angled adapter
105, 150 or 225 cfm supersonic nozzle
1″ID x 10′ lightweight air hose with Chicago style connectors
Heavy duty locking storage case


(1) AirSpade 2000 Handle
(1) 4 Ft. fiberglass barrel with dirt shield
(1) 3 Ft. extension
(1) 105 cfm Stainless steel supersonic nozzle
(1) Plastic locking storage case
(1) 45 degree angled adapter
(1) 1″ ID x 10 Ft. lightweight air hose with Chicago-style connectors
(1) Operations Manual


AirSpade 2000 Construction Kit - 105 cfm
Part Number: HT114

Additional Information (PDF Files)

Air Spade 2000 Manual

Air Spade 2000 FAQ