AirSpade 3000 330 CFM With 5 FT Barrel

AirSpade 3000 is the most powerful air excavation tool available on the market today. Featuring the patented supersonic nozzle, the rugged, heavy-duty AirSpade 3000 is the tool of choice to move maximum dirt in the minimum amount of time. Dead man trigger ensures safe operation. Non-conductive, fiberglass extension provides degree of protection from buried electrical lines.


In-line style handle with soft rubber grip
Dead-man trigger
Non-conductive 5 ft fiberglass barrel
Adjustable dirt shield
Extra-hardened, stainless steel 330 cfm supersonic nozzle
Inlet: 1 1/4″ NPT (Male)
1” Air-King 4-Lug Connector


(1) AirSpade 3000 Handle
(1) 5 ft fiberglass barrel with dirt shield
(1) 330 cfm Stainless steel supersonic nozzle


AirSpade 3000 330 cfm with 5 ft Barrel

Additional Information (PDF Files)

Air Spade 3000 FAQ

Air Spade 3000 Brochure