1890XP (19XP) Brush Chipper with Hydraulic Winch

19” capacity drum chipper
20” x 26” in-feed opening
140 HP CAT Diesel engine

Trailer hitch:                        Pintle ring on chipper
Trailer electrical plug:         6 pole or 7 pole RV available

Machine weight:                 9800 lbs
Machine Length:                19 ft
Machine height:                 9.5 ft
Machine width:                  7.5 ft

Winch type:                        Hydraulic
Winch rope:                       3/8” x 100 ft (rated to 5000 lbs pulling capacity)

Rental Availability:              Daily/Weekly/Monthly

Safety Note: Towing vehicle MUST have a high quality pintle hitch to handle the high upward forces on the hitch from winching.