Cormidi C85 Lithium Battery

The Cormidi 85 Series Hydrostatic MiniDumper is a machine that is configurable to facilitate the work of construction companies. It was designed, developed and manufactured entirely in Italy at Cormidi SRL, and represents the minitransporter of excellence!
It can best be configured with the original accessories.

ATTRACTIVE DESIGN At the company it exudes an air of innovation, vision, all the values that the engineers and designers bring to the machines in order to obtain exceptional minidumpers such as the series 85, which boasts an ergonomic dashboard, a super-silenced hood, a natural and relaxed driving position with significantly reduced vibration, a body with rounded corners, a high-strength machine and chassis, a fuel tank with level indicator embedded into the machines side and much more…

IT ADAPTS TO YOUR WORK. Whether you are performing work relating to construction, landscaping, agriculture, or anything else, the 85 series 800 kg minidumper can simplify your life thanks to its many configurations; hydraulic dumping, self-loading with front discharge bucket, and self-loading with hi-tip hopper to discharge the material into trucks. It is also possible to attach pallet forks to the carrier to transform it into a forklift. You can also attach a trencher to put pipe or electrical in the ground, a mulcher, a sweeper, a backhoe, the hydraulic hammer, the snow plow blade, the mini loader and many other accessories are available.


  • Tipper Kit (RI)
  • Concrete mixer Kit (RI)
  • Concrete mixer Kit Self-loading (AC)
  • Miniloader with bucket or accessories (ML)
  • Tipper and lifter body kit (HI)
  • Kit Self-loading + swivel bucket (ACW)
  • Kit Self-loading + swivel bucket + lifter body (HIACW)
  • Concrete Buggy (RI-Poly-RIX Poly)
  • Concrete Buggy (RI-Poly-RIX Poly)


Engine and Transmission

Cormidi C85 Lithium engine

Cormidi C85 Lithium Transmission

Crawler Undercarriage and Hydraulic System

Cormidi C85 Lithium crawler undercarriage

Cormidi C85 Lithium Hydraulic System

Battery and Performance

Cormidi C85 Lithium battery

Cormidi C85 Lithium performance

Additional Information (PDF Files)

Cormidi C85 Lithium Brochure