Compact Compressors up to 180 CFM

Portable powerhouses unfazed by cold

Our compact portable compressors are manoeuvrable in traffic and on the building site and ensure reliable performance even in cold conditions thanks to our patented Anti-Frost Control.

  • Maximum pressures of 100 to 205 psig (M20 – M50 models)
  • Optionally available with or without an overrun brake
  • Optional compressed air treatment (M27 / M31 / M36 / M45 / M50)
  • Optional generator (M27 / M31 / M36 / M45)
  • Tool lubricator, hose reel and other accessories available

Your advantages

  • Reliable and easy on equipment even in the cold:
  • Together with the optional tool lubricator, the patented Anti-Frost Control extends the service life and availability of the compressor and tools.
  • No special license required for towing:
  • Most of our compact models weigh in at under 750 kg, which permits towing with lighter vehicles.
  • Durability and quiet operation:
  • Rotational moulded PE enclosures provide optimal noise and impact protection.

From breakers to hose reels

  • Our compressed air tools deliver excellent performance, are user-friendly and perfectly tailored to our compressors for greater productivity.


  • M20 Portable Compressor
  • M27 Portable Compressor
  • M31 Portable Compressor
  • M31E Portable Compressor with Electric Motor
  • M43 Portable Compressor
  • M50 Portable Compressor

Rotational Moulded PE Enclosure

The modern double-walled sound enclosure is made of roto-moulded polyethylene.*


  • Corrosion-proof
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Long-term value retention

*Available for M20 / M27 / M31 / M43 / M50

Alternative colours
The PE enclosure can also be supplied at short notice in the following colours:

  • Blue – similar to RAL 5017
  • Green – similar to RAL 6024
  • Red – similar to RAL 3020
  • Orange – similar to RAL 2009

Other colours for the enclosure and custom paintwork for metal components are available upon request.

Patented Anti-Frost Control

Optimal protection at low temperatures

  • Prevents breakers from freezing up
  • Extends service life of pneumatic tools
  • No manual adjustments needed

The Kaeser patented Anti-Frost Control is a combination of thermostatic valves which guarantees that the ideal operating temperature, based on the ambient temperature, is quickly reached and maintained regardless of the weather conditions. This technology has demonstrated its reliability thousands of times. It is no longer necessary to switch manually from summer to winter mode. This also eliminates the possibility of operating errors.

Drive Options: Diesel Engine and Electric Motor

Compact units with diesel engines

  • Water-cooled Kubota engines
  • Quiet operation, low exhaust emissions
  • With electric fuel pump

Compact units with 400V electric motor

MOBILAIR electric portable compressors truly come into their own in work environments where quiet and exhaust-free conditions are required. These environmentally-compatible compressors therefore elegantly avoid any restrictions that may apply to the use of combustion engines.

  • Quiet with zero on-site emissions
  • With pole-reversing switch

NEW! e-power: Zero Emission Portable Compressors

The new M 27E, M 31E and M 50E portable compressors truly come into their own wherever an electrical power connection is available. Their electric drive makes them the perfect choice for use in noise protection and low emission zones. Compressed air applications in tunnels and within buildings are tamed by the compressors’ emissions-free and whisper-quiet drive.

The road-going compressor models are an excellent choice for flexible bridging of industrial compressor stations thanks to their low maintenance and energy costs.
For example when performing service work.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Additional Information (PDF Files)

Portable Compressors