Cormidi C60

With the 60 series it is possible to safely transport 600kg; incredibly sturdy, beautiful to look at and above all very reliable, it has revolutionised the world of minidumpers with its style. For several years on the market, it was the first to have a particular and attractive line, to the extent that it began to resemble a car due to its sophisticated design. The shape of this tracked conveyor is just one of its peculiarities. In fact beneath its appearance is hidden a chassis that is compact and highly durable, an efficiently designed undercarriage for the channelling of sludge and soil materials out of the machine. The lifter body is a compact area of the machine that allows passage inside the doors of a house

HIGH DISCHARGE LIFTER BODY (HI TIP) The minidumper of the 60 series is also produced in the hi-tip model, i.e. the machine is equipped with a body that has a special mechanism allowing vertical lifting of the same in order to be able to discharge the contents into a raised body similar to that of a truck.

OSCILLATING ROLLERS Another peculiarity of the Cormidi hydraulic minidumper is undoubtedly the fact that it is fitted from the outset, and as standard, with oscillating rollers, allowing it to cross the most difficult to access land with minimal effort, significantly reducing bumps.


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Engine and Transmission

Crawler Undercarriage and Hydraulic System

Performance and Dimensions

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