CRT48 with power steering – Innovative control concept for more productivity: CRT48-PS

Thanks to its optimal maneuverability and high surface capacity as well as a balanced power-to-weight ratio, the CRT48-PS achieves high productivity with excellent results. The electro hydraulic joystick control enables accurate maneuvering and virtually fatigue-free operation. Controlled by joystick modulations, the valves of the hydraulic control cylinder are triggered by electrical signals. The CRT 48-PS offers a choice of two control modes to accommodate operator preference in varying site conditions.

  • Electro hydraulic control concept offers true power steering
  • Very precise control operation
  • Virtually fatigue-free operation
  • Choice of two control modes
  • Ideal for large pours and elevated deck applications where lighter weight machines are preferred

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications Technical Specifications


Innovative 2-level control

Mode 1
Standard response mode. Best suited for confined areas with obstructions or high friction surfaces. The LED light illuminates when in this mode.

Mode 2
Increased response mode. Best suited for open areas, panning, or traveling at high speeds. Requires less joystick motion to steer the machine.

Model Variations

Model Variations

Additional Information (PDF Files)

Product Information Sheet