FS 309

The FS 300-series includes lightweight and compact floor saws. These saws are ideal for small repair jobs and are very easy to handle. They can be transported in any small vehicle. Shown with OPTIONAL water tank.


Husqvarna FS 309

Technical Specifications

Husqvarna FS 309

Applications and Benefits


  • Ideal for cutting in difficult to access job sites.
  • Utilized for very small road repair jobs.
  • A great rental saw, it is perfect for residential saws.
  • Left-hand sawing only.


  • Very lightweight and compact, it eases transporting and handling of the saw.
  • Adjustable handle and extendable right rear wheel increases stability and reduces fatigue.
  • Gas assisted raise/lower system reduces the force required to raise and lower the blade in and out of the cut.
  • Excellent power transmission to the blade due to the Poly V-belt, which increases production.

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