Quality and performance come standard.
GXR120 is uniquely developed as an ideal source of power for rammers – equipment used to compact soil or other granular material. With superb durability and reliability for these heavy-duty applications, the GXR120 is more than ready to meet the high demands required.

Common Applications
Commercial Rammers


Developed Specifically for Rammer Applications
Designed to power 110-lb. to 175-lb. rammers at multiple altitudes with ease.
More power than the GX100, with a compact, lightweight engine footprint for additional versatility in frame mounting

Fuel Efficient, High Output Operation
OHC design developed specifically for increased efficiency
Optimal power transfer for better fuel efficiency

Smooth Performance
Precision engineered components result in lower vibration
Ball bearing supported crankshaft for greater stability

Exceptionally Quiet
New design reduces operation noise by 1dB over the original GX100
Compact exhaust system is 22mm narrower than the GX100, yet quieter
Maintenance-free, low-noise timing belt creates a smaller, lighter and quieter engine
Reduced mechanical noise due to light weight, noise-reducing materials
Forged steel crankshaft and rigid crankcase

Proven Reliability
A special cast-iron cylinder sleeve and a high carbon-steel, dual-ball bearing crankshaft provide improved engine strength for rammer applications.
The recoil starter and fan cover are even more robust through the incorporation of steel in the design.
Innovative lubrication system with a dual-breather chamber optimizes engine lubricating performance in most rammer operating conditions
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New carburetor chamber coating and carburetor filter help to protect against fuel impurities
High quality materials, fit, and finish
3-Year Limited Warranty

Easy to Use and Maintain
Simple throttle control
Easily accessible spark plug

Easy Starting
Heavy duty recoil starter
Ergonomic, easy to grip recoil rope design
Automatic mechanical de-compression system

Emissions Compliant
CARB and EPA compliant
No catalyst necessary




K type (straight) Straight Shaft
K type (tapered) Rammer