HB20 Sidewinder Self-Propelled

The Bandit® Model HB20 features a unique center-pivot design that takes the work out of using a handlebar stump grinder. Self-propelled with a 25-horsepower engine and a 15-inch diameter cutter wheel, the Model HB20 is both easy to use and very effective on small and even medium-sized stumps. A narrow 25-inch wide frame (37.5 inches with dual wheels installed) makes it extremely manueverable, perfect for backyard removals and grinding in close quarters. The HB20 is a favorite among rental companies and stump grinding professionals.

Key Features and Options

Adjustable handlebar
Center-pivot base for easy grinding
Electric start
Optional hydraulic filter kit
Optional colors


Bandit HB20 Sidewinder Self-Propelled Stump Grinder

Additional Information (PDF Files)

Stump Grinder Brochure

HB-20 Brochure