HIF600 – HIF600 Flameless Indirect-Fired Air Heater

Raising the bar for safety and performance, the HIF600 flameless air heater will heat any job site with ease with a temperature rise of 200◦F. Designed for maximum uptime, the 63 hour run time, annual hydraulic oil change and extended oil service intervals let you perform standard maintenance at your convenience with no job site interruptions. The HIF600 is ideal for all industrial and construction applications where “no open flame” is a requirement.

  • Maximize uptime on the jobsite with hydraulic heat generation and annual service interval
  • Extended run-time fuel tank allows for up to 63 hours of continuous use, and the environmentally friendly design includes full spill containment on all on board fluids
  • Proprietary software prevents wet stacking by continuously maintaining engine load, reducing the need for parked regenerations
  • Machine is ETL certified and TDG compliant. Sealed alternator provides for longer service life
  • Up to a 200-degree temperature rise allows unit to deliver more intense heat than conventional flameless heaters

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