PP 220

PP 220 is a versatile, water-cooled electric power pack developed for our high frequency-powered PRIME™ product range. The low weight, compact design and user-friendly display interface make PP 220 very easy to use and transport. Connects to both 3- and 1-phase power.


PP 220

Applications and Benefits


  • Water cooled electric high frequency power pack for the WS 220 wall saw, DM 650 drill motor, K 6500, K 6500 Ring and K 6500 Chain power cutters.
  • Perfect for applications that have multiple cutting sides due to its low weight and compact design.


  • A powerful, high frequency power pack providing fast and accurate adjustment for each operating condition.
  • There is only one cable and one hose from converter to machine, which simplifies setup and transport.
  • Automatic detection and setup of connected equipment and the power source make handling easy.

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