RD7 – Multipurpose roller provides excellent results: RD7

The RD 7 walk-behind double drum vibratory rollers (tandem) are easy to maneuver while performing a wide range of soil and asphalt compaction applications. The exclusive compact design allows for tight side clearance on both sides of the roller. These versatile rollers, offer dual smooth drums with beveled edges to effectively compact asphalt and granular materials. The totally hydrostatic drive provides for less maintenance and greater reliability. Available with the choice of gasoline or diesel engines. Optional protection guard kit also available

  • Patent-pending handle design offers multiple gripping points for easier control and turning of the unit, plus a center handle allows the operator fine control finishing asphalt
  • Open frame design provides for fast cleaning with a pressure washer and easy to access components simplifies service significantly reducing downtime between uses
  • Large water tank with easy access cap and quick view of water level provide for longer running time between refills
  • Unique foot operated handle lock allows for easy tilting of the handle for storage
  • Easy to reach throttle and low/high exciter force controls conveniently located on the shock mounted low vibration handle increases operator comfort


Ergonomic handle design

  • Ergonomic design for multiple operation conditions
  • Side grips and handle for control while turning
  • Center handle for finer control
  • On handle exciter activation
  • On handle throttle control and low/high exciter force control
  • Unique foot operated lock allows for easy tilting of the handle

Open frame design

  • Easy access to many components as scrapers, water bars, water hoses
  • Simple disassembly for service – remove bolts and the entire side can be removed
  • Easy access for cleaning
  • Frame openings for service tool access
  • All control cables have a lip seal and bellows to prevent dust and water damage

Water system

  • The easy access water tank cap is side mounted to avoid damage from lifting devices
  • 60 L / 15.6 US Gal. plastic water tank with water level view strip
  • Easy access to water valve
  • Holes in frame provide access for cleaning water bars

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications Technical Specifications

Model Variations

Model Variations

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