Air Spade

Radius Industrial Works is an authorized dealer for the full range of Air Spade products. We sell and service:

  • Air Spade 2000
  • Air Spade 3000
  • Air Spade 4000
  • Air-Vac
  • Air Spade Air supply hoses
  • Air Spade kits, parts & accessories

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 Air Spade 2000 Air excavation tool

Today, thousands of AIR-SPADES are in use in arboriculture, utility, construction, and industrial applications worldwide.  AIR-SPADE is the tool of choice due to its fast, easy and non-destructive method of excavation.


  • Arboriculture / Horticulture, Aeration, locating roots for utility line installation, Radial trenching, Root collar excavation, Root damage investigation, Locating roots for pruning, Soil compaction reduction, Vertical mulching, Transplanting / bare rooting, Checking adequacy of root structure before pruning.
  • Utility / Construction, Utility locating and repair, Keyholing, Potholing for line location, Crack / joint and valve box cleaning, Roadwork.
  • Trench Rescue, Air-Spade is proven as an effective tool for specific rescue operations.
  • Environmental Remediation, Uncover buried waste infrastructure without fear of puncture, Excavate tight places inaccessible to conventional excavation equipment, Removal of material in carefully controlled layers.
  • De-Mining / Unexploded Ordnance, Air-Spade is a proven tool for reducing time to find and expose anti-personnel and anti-tank mines.

Nozzle sizes range from 25 scfm to 225 scfm. Air compressor requirements from 25 cfm @ 100 psi up to 250 cfm @ 100 psi.


 Air Spade 3000 Air excavation tool

AIR-SPADE 3000 is the most powerful, compressed air-powered, excavation tool available on the market today.  Delivering 330 scfm at 90 psi, the AIR-SPADE 3000 provides unprecedented performance in the heavy-duty arboriculture, utility and construction applications.

Nozzle sizes of 330 scfm, which requires an air compressor with an output of 375 cfm @ 100 psi.


 Utility Air Spade 4000 Air excavation tool

Utility AIR-SPADE sets a new standard for air-excavation tools. Engineering with safety in mind, Utility AIR-SPADE features AIR-SPADE’s patented supersonic nozzle for rapid digging in the toughest of soils.  Combined with a high-voltage insulated barrel and non-sparking components, the rugged Utility AIR-SPADE provides the highest degree of protection when working around underground electric, gas and other utility lines.

Utility Applications: Sensitive underground pipes and cables can often be punctured or damaged by traditional digging methods.  Utility AIR-SPADE offers a safe non-damaging alternative method of soil excavation.  Ideal for digging holes or shallow trenches for pipes or cables, Utility AIR-SPADE is used in the following applications:

  • Electric Utility Power Lines
  • Gas pipe lines
  • Water and Sewer lines
  • Telecommunication Lines and Fiber Optics

Safety and Performance Built In: Working around underground gas and electric lines demands the safest equipment.  Constructed from high-pressure, insulated inner air house surrounded by non-conductive, fiberglass outer barrel, a Utility AIR-SPADE with a 4 ft. barrel is rated up to 300kV.

Nozzle sizes are available in 105 scfm and 150 scfm. Air compressor requirements from 125 cfm @ 100 psi up to 185 cfm @ 100 psi.


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