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[RENTAL] AirSpade 2000 Arborist Kit with Kaeser Air Compressor

[RENTAL] AirSpade 2000 Arborist Kit with Kaeser Air Compressor

Air-Spade 2000 Arborist Kit / 185 CFM Air Compressor
Air powered hand excavation tool using supersonic nozzle
Light weight, easy to use, easy to reach difficult locations

Air-spade applications:
Arboriculture / Horticulture
• Soil Aeration
• Locating roots for utility line installation
• Radial trenching
• Root collar excavation
• Root damage investigation
• Locating roots for pruning
• Soil compaction reduction
• Vertical mulching
• Transplanting / bare root
• Stump removal

Utility / Construction
• Potholing for line location
• Keyholing
• Utility locating and repair
• Road work
• Crack, joint and valve box cleaning

1” air hose available in 25 ft lengths

Kaeser 185 CFM tow-behind air compressor
2” ball hitch
4 pole electrical plug for trailer lights
No electric brakes
Diesel powered

Rental Availability: Daily/Weekly/Monthly

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