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  • SG-75 - Bandit
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Stump Grinder Bandit SG-75

The SG-75 is outfitted with a powerful 74 horsepower Kohler diesel engine. This unit offers the most horsepower for any stump grinder in its class. More power means grinding stumps faster, and time is money.
\nBandit’s Super Sweep prevents unseasoned grinders from taking too big of a cut and stalling the engine by automatically backing the cutterwheel away from too aggressive of a cut. When the engine recovers its RPM, the cutterwheel will continue.
\nThe rubber tracks on the SG-75 expand to 55”, creating an extremely stable platform for grinding. And for transportation and fitting in tight areas, the tracks retract down to 35”, easily fitting through most backyard gates. That means this unit is capable of high production land clearing, but capable as a backyard grinder in residential settings.
\nThe SG-75 features an efficient gear box drive systems to power the 27” diameter cutterwheel. This setup is easy to maintain, only requiring quick maintenance after a break-in period.
\nControl your machine with Bandit’s intuitive radio remote control. Every function on the unit is yours to command with the push of a button – including the swing speed, the plunge depth and more.