Learn about our troubleshooting process

For troubleshooting, our shop believes in using the Back to Basics Principle.


Going back to basics means 

  • Don't jump to conclusions and overcomplicate things
  • Follow the proper troubleshooting process. This means first, find the root cause and then conduct fundamental tests to troubleshoot (check your voltages, pressures etc.)


To conduct good troubleshooting, we divide the system in half to see which half of the machine is causing the issue. Form there, we divide that section in half and keep dividing things to the point where we find the root cause.


We believe that parts swapping is not an ideal way to troubleshoot. We have seen examples of parts swapping, which often lead to worsening the issue. With a faulty machine, there is not always only one thing wrong. Sometimes, there are 4-5 things wrong at the same time. So, if part swapping happens in such instances, taking one part off and putting a new one in does not solve the problem. If there are multiple things wrong, actual troubleshoot has to be done through Divide and Conquer.