The more detailed your description, the faster your application can be processed.


When does my warranty coverage start?
The warranty coverage for the machine and engine starts the day the unit is delivered to the customer. 
How long is my coverage?
This depends on the kind of warranty you applied for your unit. In general, below is the breakdown of what most coverages look like.

Bandit's base coverage: 
- 1 year

For the engines, coverage varies as follows:
- 2 years, 2000 hours
- 3 years, 2000 hours
- 3 years, 3000 hours

What is the claiming process like?
Owners first provide the details of their unit's issues to us, the dealer. Radius Industrial does the initial analysis of the claims to ensure that their issues can be covered by the manufacturer under their warranty. This claim is then passed on to the manufacturer for a final decision on warranty approval.

Note: The labour and parts costs require upfront payment from the owner. If your warranty claim is approved, the manufacturer will compensate the costs of fixing or replacing the unit.
DISCLAIMER: Final approval of your warranty claim is dependent upon the manufacturer's decisions.