Arborist Supplies

Pacific Arborist Supplies (a division of Radius Industrial Works Inc.) is dedicated to providing professional, knowledgeable and reliable service to our customers looking for Arborist Gear and Supplies.  Our goal is to stock top quality Arborist gear and supplies in both our North Vancouver and Langley stores and sell them at competitive prices so our customers do not have to shop in the US for their gear.

For items we do not have in stock we are dedicated to efficient procurement processes in order to provide these items promptly to our customers.


Product by Type:
  • Books
  • Chipper Knives
  • Climbing gear
  • Climbing kits
  • Clothing
  • Grinder teeth
  • Pole Pruners
  • Rigging Gear
  • Rope
  • Safety & PPE
  • Saws
  • Specialty items
  • ……. and much more


Product by Manufacture:
  • ARS
  • Buckingham
  • CMI
  • DMM
  • Fred Marvin
  • Petzel
  • Pfanner
  • Samson Rope
  • Silky Saws
  • SMC
  • Weaver
  • Yale Cordage
  • ……. and many others


Please contact us at:

Pacific Arborist Supplies:
Bonny Taylor, Manager – Arborist Supplies, email btaylor (at)
604-924-3361 – North Vancouver or email us at sales (at)


 Financing Available for most products sold by Radius Industrial Works. Information available upon request.