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Carlton 1712 (12" Disk Chipper)

Carlton 1712 (12" Disk Chipper)

The 1712 Wood Chipper offers an optimal blend of capacity, cost-effectiveness, and portability. Weighing in at just 5500 pounds, the 1712 is easily towable by smaller chip trucks. Its lightweight and compact design enhance maneuverability in confined spaces.

Designed for high productivity with a 12-inch capacity, the 1712 incorporates several features. The 48-inch by 28-inch infeed opening enables the chipper to efficiently process tops with minimal or no trimming. The 10½-inch diameter feed rollers smoothly accept wood, minimizing fuss and wrapping. The industry's largest 32-cubic-inch displacement hydraulic feed motors deliver the power needed to pull and collapse limbs and tops.

  • Tail Lights are protected by the infeed tray during chipping.
  • Swivel Discharge allows the operator to fill the truck corner to corner, or easily direct the chips to a precise place on the lot.
  • Heavy Duty 1 ½” Feeder Bar
  • 12″ x 17″ Throat Opening, easily handles the most difficult materials.
  • 48″ Wide Feed Chute takes the big tops, requires less trimming by the crew!
  • Live Hydraulics run directly off the engine allowing the operator to engage all hydraulic functions without the disk being engaged.
  • 74 HP Arborist Package Kubota Diesel, specifically designed for use on a chipper and includes: radiator debris screen, live hydraulic pump hook up, locking side panels, easy access air cleaner mounted to the rear of the engine to keep it as far away from the dust as possible.
  • Heavy-Duty Infeed Table and Folding Tray
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