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Carlton 2018 (18" Disk Chipper)

Carlton 2018 (18" Disk Chipper)

J.P. Carlton 2018HD Wood Chipper

The J.P. Carlton 2018HD Wood Chipper is engineered to endure the toughest applications, built to handle the rigors of daily use in any environment. From high-capacity axles and tires to its heavy-duty frame and rigid 3/8″ feed table, the 2018HD is designed for durability and dependability.

Key Features:

  • High-Capacity Build: Sturdy construction with high-capacity axles and tires ensures long-lasting performance.
  • Thoughtful Design: Concealed wiring, integrated single manifold hydraulics with electronic control, and dual lift cylinders enhance durability and ease of use.
  • Full-Length Radiator Protection Guards: Keep the 2018HD operating at peak performance year after year.

Versatile and High Production:

The 2018HD is a versatile, high-production machine perfect for clearing or producing fuel chips. Whether it's behind an arborist truck or out in the woods with a clearing crew, this chipper excels in all conditions. The super high-torque feed system provides unmatched pulling power, while the high-horsepower diesel engine options and proprietary chipping system deliver consistent, high-quality dimensional chips.

Superior Performance:

  • Massive 20″ x 18″ Throat Opening: Easily handles the most challenging materials.
  • Rigid 3/8″ Feed Table: Resists bending under heavy use, framed in tubing for added strength.
  • Hydraulic Swivel Discharge: Quickly fills large capacity chip trucks or directs chips precisely.
  • Hand Crank Adjustable Discharge Chute: Adjusts easily for any truck.
  • LED Taillights: Mounted high on the infeed with heavy-duty covers for protection.
  • 64″ Wide Infeed Chute: Handles large tops with minimal trimming required.
  • Hydraulic Planetary Winch: Offers 2 speeds and freewheel with 10,000 pounds of pulling power.
  • Tandem Hydraulic System: Provides independent power to each feed wheel for maximum efficiency.
  • Locking Fuel and Hydraulic Tanks: Positioned within the frame for maximum capacity and a clean design.
  • Heavy-Duty 10,000 Pound Tongue Jack: Ensures stability and ease of use.

Additional Highlights:

  • Heavy-Duty 1 1/2″ Feeder Bar: Adds extra strength and durability.
  • Four 235/75R17.5 6000 Pound Capacity Tires: Easily carry the load.

The J.P. Carlton 2018HD Wood Chipper is your ultimate solution for high performance, durability, and dependability in demanding environments.

Weight 12,200 Pounds
Length 240 inches
Height 108 inches
Tires 235/75R17.5 Ld Rng H 6005 # @125 PSI
Axles Two Dexter Torflex 8,000 Pound Cap
Brakes Electric Both Axles w/Breakaway Switch
Hitch 9″ Height Adjustable Pintle
Fuel Capacity 62 Gallons
Battery 950 CCA
Jack Stand

10000 # Cap Screw Type

Engine *
Manufacturer John Deere 6068T Turbo Diesel
Number of Cylinders Six
Bore 4.19 Inches (106 mm)
Stroke 5.0 Inches (127 mm)
Displacement 414 Cubic Inches (6.8L)
Maximum RPM 2500 RPM
Horsepower 170HP
Torque 358 Ft Lbs (485 NM)
Cooling Medium Liquid Water/Antifreeze Mixture
Air Cleaner Two Stage Dry Type
Oil Filter Full Flow Spin On
Oil Capacity 13 Quarts
Oil Type John Deere
Electrical 12 Volt
Gauges Murphy Power View w/ Shutdowns
Clutch Twin Disk 11 1/2 ” Over Center

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