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Carlton 2518 (18" Drum Chipper)

Carlton 2518 (18" Drum Chipper)

Unmatched Performance and Durability: The J.P. Carlton 2518 Wood Chipper

Engineered to excel in the most demanding environments, the J.P. Carlton 2518 Wood Chipper is your ultimate solution for tough applications. From its robust construction to its thoughtful design elements, every aspect of the 2518 is crafted to endure and enhance performance.


Built Tough for Any Challenge

  • Heavy-Duty Construction: With high-capacity axles, heavy-duty frame, and a rigid 1/4″ feed table, the 2518 is built to withstand the harshest conditions, delivering exceptional durability.
  • Advanced Design Features: Thoughtful design elements such as concealed wiring, integrated single manifold hydraulics with electronic control, and dual lift cylinders not only enhance performance but also improve crew productivity, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Superior Performance Features

  • Optimized Chipping Drum: The oversized 37″ diameter chipping drum cuts down and forward on the material, minimizing horsepower requirements while delivering smooth chipping action and optimal discharge.
  • Extreme Pulling Power: Three feed motors operating on independent circuits provide exceptional pulling power, ensuring efficient operation in any situation.
  • Enhanced Safety: LED taillights mounted high on the infeed ensure visibility and safety, while the wiring runs inside the frame for a neater appearance and protection against damage.

Unrivaled Versatility and Convenience

  • Wide Infeed Chute: The 64″ wide infeed chute accommodates large tops, reducing the need for trimming by the crew.
  • Dual Lift Cylinders: Mounted low on the sides, dual lift cylinders provide crushing power when necessary and allow easy access to the anvil, enabling a full 360-degree chute rotation.
  • Hydraulic System: The tandem hydraulic system delivers hydraulic fluid independently to each feed wheel, ensuring optimal power at all times without engaging the drum.

Additional Features for Enhanced Efficiency

  • Optional Hydraulic Winch: Perfect for handling big material, the optional hydraulic winch ensures seamless operation.
  • Convenient Adjustability: Hand crank swivel discharge and hand crank height adjustable discharge chute allow operators to quickly and easily direct chips precisely as needed.
  • Durable Construction: Kevlar construction belts carry more horsepower with less stretch, reducing maintenance costs and prolonging belt life.

Unbeatable Throat Opening

With a massive 25″ x 18″ throat opening, the J.P. Carlton 2518 Wood Chipper easily handles the largest tops, making it the largest in its class and your ultimate companion for challenging tasks.

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