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Carlton 2821 (21" Drum Chipper)

Carlton 2821 (21" Drum Chipper)

J.P. Carlton 2821 Drum Style Chipper

Introducing the J.P. Carlton 2821, the newest series in drum style chippers, designed to handle the toughest jobs with ease. This powerful machine features an impressive 30-inch by 20-inch opening and a 40-inch diameter pocketed drum, allowing it to easily process even the largest trees.

Key Features:

  • Aggressive Feeding System: Dual pump hydraulic system with digital reversing autofeed ensures smooth, efficient feeding.
  • Exclusive Long Pivot Arm: The 15¾” diameter top feed wheel lifts vertically, making it easy to handle large butt ends.
  • Air Vortex Control: Enhances discharge velocity and chip throwing power for optimal performance.

Built to Last:

The J.P. Carlton 2821 is constructed to withstand the most demanding conditions. From its high-capacity axles and tires to its heavy-duty frame and 1/4″ feed table, every component is designed for durability. Key design elements include concealed wiring, integrated single manifold hydraulics with electronic control, and dual lift cylinders for improved performance and productivity.

Superior Performance:

  • 40″ Diameter Chipping Drum: Cuts down and forward with the grain for smooth chipping and efficient discharge.
  • Three Independent Feed Motors: Provide exceptional pulling power.
  • LED Taillights: Mounted high on the infeed and protected with heavy-duty covers.
  • 65″ Wide Infeed Chute: Handles large tops with minimal trimming.
  • Rigid Infeed Table: Framed in tubing for added strength, resisting bending.
  • Dual Lift Cylinders: Offer crushing power and easy access to the anvil, with a full 360-degree chute rotation.
  • Access Steps: On both sides for convenient cleaning and maintenance.
  • Tandem Hydraulic System: Ensures maximum power to the feed system at all times, independent of the drum.
  • Optional Hydraulic Winch: Facilitates handling of large materials.
  • Heavy-Duty 1½″ Feeder Bar: For added strength.
  • Hydraulic Swivel Discharge: Allows precise chip placement.
  • Hand Crank Adjustable Discharge Chute: Quickly adjusts for any truck.
  • Kevlar Construction Belts: Durable, low-maintenance, and long-lasting.
  • Extended Frame: Provides additional support for the infeed table.
  • Massive Throat Opening: 30″ x 20″, the largest in its class, easily handles the biggest tops.

Choose the J.P. Carlton 2821 for unparalleled performance, durability, and dependability in your toughest chipping applications.

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