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Carlton SP6016 (Wheeled Stump Grinder)

Carlton SP6016 (Wheeled Stump Grinder)

The SP6016 series is a four-wheeled self-propelled unit designed to deliver maximum cutting power in hard to get to areas. A unique dual speed ground system allows the SP6016 to travel faster than most other stump cutter on the market today.

The unit also boasts a 1 1/4-inch thick, 21-inch diameter cutting wheel, letting you grind faster and smoother than ever before. The SP6016 Stump Cutter features heavy-duty construction (3,200 pounds), hydraulic steering and four-wheel stance. This combination offers unmatched stability and maneuverability.

This compact machine has a width of 35 inches, allowing it to fit easily through standard backyard gates. The SP6016 incorporates many of the features found in larger J.P. Carlton models including hardened bushings and shafts, counter balance valves on the lift, swing and hydraulic drive circuits.

The SP6016 series is currently available with a 54-horsepower Kubota Gas Engine. With its wide range of features and dependable construction, the SP6016 is designed to maximize production and profits, while minimizing downtime.

  • Large Cutter Wheel, 21-inch diameter & 1 1/4-inch thick, provides maximum cutting power and flywheel momentum.
  • Feather Touch Hydraulic Controls make the SP6016 easy to operate and provide optimum user control.
  • Tapered Roller Bearings on jack shaft and cutter wheel provide long service life and reduced maintenance.
  • Proprietary Dual Motor Ground Drive eliminates troublesome chains, axles and axle bearings.
  • Dual Wheels are quickly removable.
  • Available with 4 Wheel Drive – Allows the machine to traverse the nastiest of terrain.
  • Available with a Hydraulic Back Fill Blade – Helps with the clean up.
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